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Axicos was founded in Basel, Switzerland, in 2007 by senior executives with extensive experience in the pharmaceutical, diagnostic and IT industries. Our headquarters is situated in Basel, Switzerland, and we have a wholly-owned subsidiary in Ludwigshafen, Germany. We have a network of independent legal tech consultants that can support our customers if they wish to adapt their internal processes.

Early on, we decided to grow the company organically, avoiding the risk of overselling to meet short-term demands by external investors.

We’ve developed a suite of easy to use, practice-proven software products, including Carizma for contract lifecycle management, Carizma First for automated document creation and Carizma QM for management of regulated documents such as SOPs. Carizma is in use in over 50 countries worldwide.

The Management

Bernd Kottke

+41 (0) 61 271 30 16

Barbara Staehelin

+41 (0) 61 271 30 17

Judie Rennie

+41 (0) 61 271 30 16

Company Milestones


  • Axicos opens subsidiary in Germany


  • Development of Carizma First
  • Go-live with Carizma First for a ­major
    global pharmaceutical corporation


  • First customers go-live with
    Carizma QM at first CROs


  • Strategic high-end consultancy for major pharmaceutical corporation
  • Major german pharmaceutical company introduces Carizma to manage all of their license agreements worldwide (grant, exclusivity, territory, duration)
  • Development of Carizma QM


  • Major pharmaceutical company introduces Carizma – worldwide roll-out over several years
  • Currently approximately 250’000 contracts with more than a million associated documents managed
  • Until now, 90’000 contracts migrated and consolidated from legacy systems


  • First Carizma customers 
  • Roll-out of Carizma to several medium-sized companies (Business Development and Contract Management)


  • Axicos founded
  • Management consultancy
    for several Swiss corporations
  • Design of Carizma


Some of our customers



Swiss headquarters 
Axicos AG Basel

Bäumleingasse 18
CH-4051 Basel

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+41 (0) 61 271 30 16




German subsidiary
in Ludwigshafen

Axicos Deutschland GmbH
Donnersbergweg 1
67059 Ludwigshafen

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