About Carizma

Integrated Contract, Alliance, Royalty, IP Management Solution – easy to use, web based, cost effective.

Carizma Whitepaper (PDF)


Technical Data

  • architecture based on ASP.NET V3 and C#
  • supportes: SQL Server 2005 and higher
  • multiple language support. Current version available in:
    German, English, French, Japanese, Danish and Swedish

Document management

  • Documentum® V. 5.3 and higher
  • Microsoft SharePoint® V. 2.0 and higher
  • internal DMS

Technical Features

  • reporting uses Microsoft Reporting Services
  • active directory integration, single password log on
  • extensive security model


Carizma comes as a preconfigured system based on best practices.
The administration module provides easy to use functions to tailor the system without the involvement of IT.

Axicos offers support, together with its implementation partners, that is tailored to your needs:

  • Integration of data from external systems
  • Migrating and consolidating data from legacy systems
  • Axicos migrated more than 20'000 contracts from legacy systems for one customer alone
  • Training