Carizma First

Automated contract creation and electronic signature.
Carizma First complements Carizma and simplifies the process of requesting, creating and signing contracts.


The creation of standard contracts ties up many resources in the legal department leaving less time on the core business.

Much time is spent going back and forth between departments in order to gain all necessary information. The contract document is then created from a template which can only be used by experts. Furthermore, finding and selecting the most recent template version, approved by the legal department, can often be problematic.

Altogether then, an often complicated, arduous and error-prone process.

Create standard contracts with Carizma First based on templates


Carizma First streamlines the whole contract process.
Contract requestors, paralegal or external lawyers can create high quality contracts easily and transparently, while leaving the legal department in full control.


  • High quality documents created quickly by the contract requestor
  • Easy-to-use interface makes template selection simple
  • Version control means only approved templates are available
  • Approval workflows and information to those who need to know based on automated risk classification
  • Number of queries greatly reduced
  • Workload for legal department considerably reduced
  • Legal department remains in control
  • Fewer personnel required reduces costs
  • Minimal training required

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